Work in Progress

Some of my current projects - click images to expand

WIP recon pic...

Skaven Plague Monks

I got myself the new Skaven batallion box (watch out for a review eventually) and soon started putting together the new plague monks. I'm still wondering what to do with them in order to make them look "different" though...

Looted Basiliks

This looted bassie got some repair jobs and armour plates, lots of rivets, some glyphs and a grot crew. While I'm not finished with the modelling part yet (I still need to add stowage and baggage), I decided to start painting this baby.


Here's a quick shot of the new kommandoz with shootaz I'm working on:

Tankbustaz and Gunwagon

These are currently on the back-burner, so don't hold your breath if you're waiting for them to get finished.

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