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I always play with lots of infantry in Warhammer Fantasy. Even my dwarf army contains between 100 and 130 models at 2000 points, not to mention my skaven. So how can I avoid boring my opponent with a three hour set up phase?

The easiest way is to have the models ready on movement trays, but transporting complete regiments usually ends up in a mess and lots of damaged models. Not good. When I saw magnetic bases on a friends army in our gaming club, I decided to give them a try.

What you get

With Magna-Bases you have two components that can be ordered seperately: Self-glueing magnets and metal sheets. The magnets fit under the bases while the metal sheet works as a movement tray. You get the magnets and the metal sheet for a 5x4 miniatures strong regiment on 20mm bases for 2,56 Euros, which is about 2,50 USD (shipping not included).

There are two types of magnets: 20mm and 25mm square. For cavalry or monster bases you just use several uncut magnets (two 25mm magnets for cavalry e.g.). The metal sheets come in all sorts of sizes and can also be ordered in custom sizes.

How to use Magna-Bases

The magnets come in large sheets. The sizes are precut, but it's really only the cover on the glue that is precut, so you have to cut them yourself. This can be easily done with a modelling knife. And while a metal ruler is definitely helpfull with this, it is not really necessary. After you have cut the magnets to size, you take of the paper cover of the self-gluent side and stick them under the base. They might need a little pressure (I press on the sides of the base when it's on top of the magnet), the magnets adhere to bases perfectly.

You then assemble and paint your models as normal. After painting the magnet is near invisible.

The metal sheet can be used as a movement tray on its own, but it tends to get dog-ears. As it is very flexible the metal sheet also becomes difficult to handle with a regiment of metal models on it, as soon as you lift it of the ground. I prefer to use "classic" self-made movement trays and glue the metal sheet onto the movement tray. That way I get the best of both worlds - a magnetic base that keeps my models in place even during transport and the looks and durability of a solid movement tray.


While I am sure you could get the materials to make magnetic bases yourself, Magna-Bases give you everything you look for for a fair price. Magna Bases are easy to work with and durable. Only the metal sheet is a bit too thin to be used as a movement tray on its own permenantly, especially with metal models, but gluing it onto a sheet of plasticard or a "classic" movement tray will take care of this easily. I have been using Magna-Bases for about a year now, and I am highly satisfied with the product.

The magnets are strong and keep the models in place, even when shaken heavily. With plastic models you can easily turn the regiment upside down, and even all but the most heavy metal models will stay in place during such a stunt.

The fact that you have to cut the magnets to size is actually a big advantage: You can fit them under all sorts of bases like cavalry, monster and multi bases. Even those rare models with two 20mm bases next to each other like the special dwarf character Alrik can be placed on magnetic bases that way.

Conclusion: Highly recommendable!

You can find more informations on Magna-Bases at Attik Tabletop Factory. The only way to buy them is in their online shop. From my experience service is good and delivery fast.

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