Da Forun Ork Exchange Progrum

Here is Warlord Thrunzdar Tonzateef awaiting the arrival of Lt. Snoopz. He has taken a small detachment out to meet him.

Tonzateef is becoming impatient, and the boyz are starting to notice.

After a few minutes, Lt Snoopz and his special forces kommandos showed up, and reported in.

Snoopz popped a salute: "Mornin' Warlord Thrunzdar Tonzateef... Lt. Snoopz, Cheef of Speshul Operationz, reportin' as ordered by Feeldmarshell Bosnik."

"Put yer hand down ya no gud sneeky git..." barked Tonzateef, "I know why yer 'ere...because dat equally no gud sneeky git Bosnik finks dat I'm up to somethin'. So I'll tell youz gitz right now...you try anythin' outta line, and I will personally smack dat bee-ret off yer no gud head. Got it?"

Snoopz grinded his teeth together. "Got it Warlord..."

Snoopz knew what his mission was, and he was going to stick to it - whether Tonzateef liked it or not.

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