Da Forun Ork Exchange Progrum

This idea was born by my friend Erik, when I asked him to send me some books I could not get hold of and he decided to send an Ork escort with them. In the end we decided to exchange squads. As a spinoff Orrik started his journey all over the world to visit the members of The WAAAGH! forum.
Credit goes to Erik for the coverage of Lt. Snoopz' arrival at Thrunzar Tonzateef's.

So here are Snoopz Schleichaz as they are being send on their way by Feeldmarshell Bosnik. Snoopz even got promoted to Lutennunt for this very special mission.

Feeldmarshell Bosnik gathered some of his troops for this special occasion. Notice the disorder with the grots on the right - they are clearly lacking a runtherd.

On the left you can see Snoopz Schleichaz, while on the right Sargunt Snaipz is standing at attention with his stikkbommerz.

Feeldmarshell Bosnik giving his kommandoz a final inspection before sending them on their journey.

A closeup of Lutennunt Snaipz who is boasting with pride.

Feeldmarshell Bosnik has finished his inspection and is now heading for the grots...

On to the arrival at Thrunzdar Tonzateefs'...

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