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My former local gaming group. Here you will find a short description of the gaming group, extensive coverage of their campaigns and forum as well as a gallery. Too bad I'm now "expatriat" since my move - they are a great bunch.

The Waaagh! - A great ork site with great pictures and some very good advice if you plan to start an ork army.

Bugman's Brewery - In my opinion the best dwarf site around. Here you will find articles on dwarf history and culture as well as modelling and painting tips and some great galleries.

T3-Link - the unofficial German tournament players' ranking. - The website of Tim Wollweber (aka GrimTeef on The Waaagh!) with lots of wonderfull graphic art. - Paul Carrick's Website with more wonderfull graphic art. He also has a section where he shows of his phantastic tabletop miniatures. Especially the orks are worth a visit.

Doctor Faust's painting clinic is an excellent place to go if you are looking for basic or advanced modelling and painting tips or just some ideas.

The hompage of Stephan Hess, one of the creators of Warmaster. This site is a great resource for Warmaster, including two flash battle reports. He also has some nicely illustrated armylists for Orks in Warhammer and 40k.

Lexicanum - The unofficial Warhammer Encyclopidia. A fairly new online project based on the Wikipedia concept.

Forums and Message Boards

The Waaagh! Forum - in my opinion the best ork community around. But beware of post hijackers and Sneeky Git(s)...

Bugman's forum - Bugman's tavern so to speak. A very fine community where you will find loads of friendly people to discuss all aspects of dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy with.

- An excellent Skaven forum with a fantastic online campaign, the 'Civil War'. - Also known as "Das Tabletop Forum. A German forum for all tabletop games, both GW and other, but mainly Warhammer and (to a lesser extend) 40k. A lot of the top tournament players from Germany gather here.

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